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our mission

To reimagine gaming as we know it, by innovating the reasoning & logic with heightened intelligence and skill.

what we do

We curate the art, the virtual world you live-in in the form of game enviroinments.. The gaming-world is crafted with perfection and is flawless for you to dwell-in.

our products

how we do it

We blend to make the perfect mix with the best-tech of learning the user & also the world & grow as you play.

By integrating data science, machine learning and AI we bring you the perfect flawless product.

our tech
Where we were-are?

Company Stats

  • 5M Active Gamers
  • 55+ Games Crafted
  • 10 Countries
  • 17M Active Customers
  • 3M Referred by friends
  • 25x Product purchases

Customer Stats

  • 72% Skill-gamers
  • 18% RPG Gamers
  • 03:00:00 Average Game Hours
  • 53% Recurrent Customers
  • 92% Average growth rate
  • 95% Live gaming

Our principles



RollsNetworks games are completely customer driven & we focus to improve everytime based on customer feedback. We make the games lively by enabling skill, and human competition. From there, we bring in more excitement by adding prizes and real rewards to the system. Our tech-team strives best to simulate a real-life experience, with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

03/2018 - 1,000,00 Active Gamers
03/2018 - 2,000,000 Active Gamers
05/2018 - 4,000,000 Active Gamers
11/2018 - 5,000,000 Active Gamers
are you curious to work with us?

RollsNetworks TechLabs

Our TechLab focuses to create the best games with the best team, if you think you will fit-in explore our work culture and apply!

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